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SfDBT Annual Conference 16th November 2020 was a huge success with over 240 people attending the virtual event.

A huge thank you to Charlie Swenson for his keynote address. Thank you, also, to everyone else who presented and participated. Check back frequently for news of upcoming events.

Training course accreditation has now begun.


We’re excited to announce the formation of the International Association for DBT (IADBT). During the past 3 years, over 30 international DBT experts have been convening to ensure Marsha’s legacy lived on once she retired with regard to ongoing DBT treatment development, training and research. This temporary steering committee recently created the IADBT as a guiding umbrella organization for the many regional organizations that have formed worldwide, like SfDBT, ISITDBT (US) and others.  Please find a more detailed description about what IADBT plans to do in the materials we are distributing. Stay tuned for more information about IADBT membership and the range of benefits in early 2021.

IADBT Announcement

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