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The SfDBT is concerned about the safety of our community which includes, of course, the people we see in treatment. As such we are recommending that DBT Practitioners:

1) Look after yourselves and use all of the strategies and tools of the therapy to do so!

2) Ensure safe distances are maintained either through social distancing or self isolation

3) Follow the guidelines of your employers and the professional guidelines/codes of practice you have received

4) Make use of helpful links for resources and support: Such as:;;; (Global Clinical Network of the WHO)

Wishing you the best!

2019 Conference

Jill Rathus

SfDBT wishes to thank Jill Rathus for an excellent pre-conference workshop and keynote address. Thank you, also, to all the people who presented their research and work on panels, workshops and posters.

SAVE THE DATE: CHARLIE SWENSON, Pre Conference Workshop 16th November 2020, Winchester, England

And 17th November 2020, Annual SfDBT Conference with Keynote Address by CHARLIE SWENSON!

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