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SfDBT Trainer Best Practice/Accreditation

We are providing this information on trainer accreditation as a way for DBT trainers to consider their own practice and as part of a first step of moving towards DBT Trainer Accreditation.  It is likely this will form the standards for SfDBT Trainer accreditation in the UK and Ireland in the future.

Whilst Accreditation as a DBT Trainer with the SfDBT is not currently available we thought it would be helpful to let people know what is likely to be required when it is introduced. This guidance outlines best practice that trainers can work towards and those seeking training may want to ask potential training companies about their policy on this. Even when Accreditation as a DBT Trainer with the SfDBT is available, the society will still accept trainers who are not accredited as having provided the hours of training that therapists require for their accreditation application form. When Accreditation as a DBT Trainer with the SfDBT is introduced it will be for senior and experienced DBT Practitioners who provide significant DBT Training. There will be a grand parenting period initially.

In order to be eligible for Trainer Accreditation all applicants for must:

  • Be current ordinary members of the Society for DBT: UK & Ireland.
  • Have been a Fully Accredited DBT Therapist with the SfDBT for at least three years, or be able to demonstrate that they have met the criteria for Full Accreditation with SfDBT for at least three years.
  • Either have Supervisor Accreditation with SFDBT or demonstrate they are eligible for this. Applications will be accepted for both Supervisor and Trainer accreditation at the same time.
  • Provide evidence of on going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in DBT, mindfulness or related topics
  • Be providing regular specialist DBT Training
  • Have evidence of regular supervision or support for their training activities.

All applicants must submit:

  1. An application form
  2. Application fee
  3. A log of on going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in DBT, mindfulness or related topics including certificates. The minimum requirement is for 2 days of training and 10 hours of self directed study per year. Evidenced by training log
  4. A mindfulness log
  5. A Training Portfolio of regular specialist DBT Training provided
  6. A lesson plan for one of the DBT training sessions provided
  7. Delegates evaluation summary from at least 3 specialist DBT Training provided by the applicant over 3 separate events
  8. Trainer Reference from an Accredited DBT Therapist (with SfDBT or equivalent) of the applicants last 2 years of training activities and abilities

Trainer Reference (for completion and submission) – this must be completed by an experienced DBT Practitioner who is accredited by SfDBT or can demonstrate they would be eligible for accreditation with SfDBT. They must have observed at least 3 hours of training in DBT provided by the applicant across 3 different DBT training events. This document should be completed and signed and submitted at the time of application. If the referee has not observed the training of the applicant then 3 tapes of teaching sessions (minimum of one hour each with one of chain and solution analysis and one of dialectics) across 3 different training events will need to be submitted and assessed by the BOA.

Training portfolio will include: Trainings undertaken, ratings received, at least one lesson plan for a training session provided and Trainer reference.

We are interested in your feedback on these guidelines and would appreciate an email to: with your views.