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SfDBT 2024 Conference Ticket -3rd October 2024

As has been happening over the last couple of years, the annual conference is bring held virtually over Zoom. Here you can buy tickets for those who are members of the the SfDBT.

Please note:

  • If you are buying multiple tickets please ensure that all those delegates are members of the SfDBT
  • Please ensure you use the email address associated with the membership of all the delegates you are purchasing tickets for
  • If you are buying multple tickets and there are a mixture of delegates (members and non members) please purchase the non members tickets

Rtn to Conference Info

  • SfDBT Annual Conference - 2024
     October 3, 2024
     8:45 am - 5:45 pm
Details Price Qty
Members £30.00 GBP  



Zoom IconThis event will be held over ZOOM.

If you have a ticket for the event you will receive an invite to Zoom via email