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British Isles DBT Trainer-in-Training

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BIDBT Trainers must:

Be willing to deliver a minimum 10 days of training per year for biDBT

To commit to learning all the competencies of a trainer as outlined by biDBT

To non-defensively accept feedback from other trainers in a mentorship role

To be willing to throw yourself in to all aspects of the training experience

To remain up to date with developments and research in the DBT field

To attend at least two days of CPD a year to develop your skills/keep them current

Process of becoming a Trainer

To become a Trainer, Presenter I Trainers-in-Training must achieve the following competencies:

Demonstrated skill in competently delivering the curriculum at Intensive Training as evidenced by the testimony of the Senior Trainer on each of their trainings and by a review of participant feedback Capacity to role-play aspects of the treatment adherently in the context of training events as evidenced by the testimony of the Senior Trainer on the training events.

Capacity to engage participants in role-plays in response to questions about the delivery of the treatment Capacity to answer participants questions accurately and dialectically and therefore to promote participants learning to conceptualise dialectically.

To provide accurate/ effective consultation on programmes and cases presented by teams at Part II of Intensive Level Training as judged by the Senior Trainer

Presenters/Trainers-in-Training will be in receipt of coaching and mentorship from other more experienced trainers during training events to assist them in developing these competencies. Senior Trainers may make suggestions for additional training and experience that Presenters I Trainers-in-Training may require in order to progress their skills.

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