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Membership in the Society for DBT indicates that you are committed to affiliating yourself publicly with a community of practitioners who are striving to provide DBT to a high standard.  Once you are a member of the Society, you may add MSfDBT to your signature.   Membership in the Society is also a prerequisite for accreditation by the Society.  Accredited Members of the Society for DBT may also add to their signature line MSfDBT Accred.

It is possible to affiliate with the Society for DBT at no cost by joining the website as a web member.

The following membership grades of the Society are available:

A. Accredited Members (MSfDBT Accred)

This grade of membership is open to individuals following the successful application for accreditation. Please refer to theAccreditation section for further details.

The fee for this grade of membership is £25 per year in addition to the cost of application for accreditation. Please note, anyone applying for accreditation must hold Ordinary Membership of the Society.

B. Ordinary Members (MSfDBT)

This grade of membership is open to those who have completed Intensive training or 5 days of DBT training delivered by a recognized provider. Individuals must hold a recognized Core Profession.

The fee for this grade of membership is £25 per year.

Membership Queries

If you have any queries regarding membership, please email the Membership Secretary at

Queries by members of the public

The Society for DBT exists for the benefit of its members while acting as an agency for the general well being of the public.  As such, if the SfDBT receives a request from a member of the public regarding the membership status of a particular individual, the SfDBT Membership Secretary will confirm or deny membership of that individual in the SfDBT.