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The Company’s objects are:

  1. to provide an organisational and practical basis for the activities in the field of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and related areas;
  2. to initiate and promote the maintenance of accountability for all the activities in the field of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in agreement with legal, ethical and professional standards related to the field of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy;
  3. to promote and develop the science, profession and discipline of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy;
  4. to aid the advancement of the theory, practice and science of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy;
  5. to promote best practise guidelines and develop review mechanisms on continuing professional developmentĀ  courses for professional organisations with the objective of raising standards of those practising Dialectical Behaviour Therapy;
  6. to bring together those persons engaged in the practice of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for the interchange of views, experiences and for mutual consultation;
  7. to arrange seminars, conferences and discussion groups on matters of common interest and act as a clearing-house for the exchange of ideas and information on the practice of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and to publish journals, newsletters and other publications, maintain websites and establish, run and administer email discussion groups;
  8. to facilitate the formation of sectional or regional branches of the Company or groups with special purposes;
  9. to be a representative of the field of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and to develop and foster relationships with other bodies and authorities; to recognise and accredit Dialectical Behaviour Therapy courses, team programmes and centres of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy expertise;
  10. to maintain and publish national and international registers of accredited Dialectical Behaviour therapists, practitioners and teams, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy supervisors, trainers and consultants;
  11. to facilitate the registration of members to any relevant voluntary or compulsory register in their country;
  12. to investigate and identify the needs of Dialectical Behaviour therapists and practitioners and to represent, promote and further their interests as a whole and of any persons, firms or companies engaged in or associated with them and with allied fields and of the members of the Company;
  13. to provide advisory, consultancy, technical, administrative and support services to Dialectical Behaviour therapists and practitioners and firms, businesses, companies, individuals and others engaged in or connected with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and related fields;
  14. to collect, collate, organise, use, distribute, disseminate and make available data, statistics and other information in paper, electronic or other forms;
  15. to arrange, develop, participate in and promote conferences, seminars, lectures, public meetings, training courses, study days, membersā€™ events and other events of all kinds and to print, publish and distribute journals, reports, magazines, newsletters, periodicals, bulletins, press releases, books, surveys and other items whether in paper, audio, visual, multi-media or other electronic form or any other form whatsoever.