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SfDBT (Vitual) Conference 2024

“‘Adapting DBT for Neuro-Divergent Individuals”

The Society for DBT UK and Ireland are delighted to invite you to our annual conference October 3 and 4, 2024. The conference will offer attendees an opportunity to learn more about the relationships between neurodiversity and emotional dysregulation, and most importantly provide evidence and lived experience to assist clinicians, and researchers, to consider how to adapt their DBT programmes for neurodiverse individuals.   

Thursday 3rd Oct : Conference

On Thursday 3rd October we have three reknown keynote speakers, Dr. Luisa Weiner, and Drs. Matthew Lerner and Elliot Keenan, who will update delegates on their latest research evidence on DBT and neurodiversity, and their recommendations for adaptations based on their research and  clinical experience. 

There are also four master classes repeated twice on the day (to allow delegates to attend two of the four) on DBT relevant topics: Socratic questioning in DBT, Working with Loneliness, Metaphors in DBT, and Adapting your programme for Autistic Adolescents

Friday 4th Oct : Workshops

On Friday 4th October we are offering two three hour workshops with the aim of providing further suggestions for adaptations of DBT for neurodiversity using both lived experience and research findings.

We are delighted to have both Sonny Jane Wise, author of the Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT skills, and Dr. Lorie Ritschel, who has conducted a pilot study of adapting DBT for autistic adults, and will share her insights from her research and clinical experience.

Access to the Conference

If you are not a member of the SfDBT or have not attended one of our conferences before, you can still attend as a non member.

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