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Supervisor Accreditation

The SfDBT is now accrediting supervisors.

Accreditation as a DBT Supervisor with the SfDBT: UK and Ireland is now available. Supervisor Accreditation is for senior and experienced DBT Practitioners who provide significant DBT Supervision. There is an initial grand parenting period of 6 months.

This application process provides an outline of best practice that supervisors can work towards and those seeking supervision may want to ask potential supervisors about. It is important to note that the society will still accept supervisors who are not accredited as having provided the 20 hours of supervision that therapists require for their DBT Practitioner Accreditation application form.

In order to be eligible for Supervisor Accreditation all applicants must:

  • Be current ordinary members of the Society for DBT: UK & Ireland.
  • At some point have been a Fully Accredited DBT Therapist with the SfDBT for at least three years, or be able to demonstrate that they have met the criteria for Full Accreditation with SfDBT for at least three years.
  • Have treated a minimum of 10 clients using DBT (15 after grand parenting period)
  • Have attended weekly consult for a minimum of 4 years (5 after grand parenting period)
  • Provide evidence of on going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in DBT, mindfulness or related topics
  • Be providing regular specialist DBT Supervision
  • Have evidence of regular supervision or support for their supervision activities.

All applicants must submit:

  1. An application form
  2. Application fee of £60 (£90 after grand parenting period)
  3. Reference evidencing they have treated a minimum of 10 (15 after grand parenting period) clients using DBT and have attended weekly consult for a minimum of 4 (5 after grand parenting period) years
  4. A log of on going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in DBT, mindfulness or related topics including certificates. The minimum requirement is for 2 days of training and/or self directed study per year. Evidenced by a training log
  5. A mindfulness log
  6. A log of regular specialist DBT Supervision provided
  7. Supervisee feedback forms from at least 2 DBT Therapist supervisees from at least 2 different DBT consults. (3 from 2 consults after grand partenting period)
  8. Supervisor Reference from an SFDBT Accredited DBT Therapist (or equivalent) of the applicants last 2 years of supervision activities and abilities

Supervisor Reference (for completion and submission) – this must be completed by an experienced DBT Practitioner who is accredited by SfDBT or equivalent. This document should be completed and signed and submitted at the time of application.

The application: Forms for applying for Supervisor Acccreditation